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5775 Airport Blvd. Austin, TX
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Kick Butt Stand Up Third Friday of the Month
Kick Butt Stand Up Showcase
8p Fri Sept 22
7p Sat Sept 23
Spoken and Heard Open Mic Every Sunday
Spoken and Heard Open Mic - Info
7p Sun Sept 24
Pocket FishRmen
8p Sun Sept 24
Altercation Comedy Festival
Sept 27 - 30
Altercation Comedy Festival
7p Wed Sept 27
Altercation Comedy Festival
7p Thurs Sept 28
Altercation Comedy Festival
7p Fri Sept 29
Altercation Comedy Festival
7p Sat Sept 30
The Butts
2p Sun Oct 1
Comedy Open Mic Night Every Wednesday
Comedy Open Mic Night - Info
8p Wed Oct 4
Music Open Mic Night Every Thursday
Music Open Mic Night - Info
5:30p Thurs Oct 5
5p Fri Oct 6
Roots Jazz Jam 2nd Tuesday Every Month
Roots Jazz Jam
8p 2nd Tues of the Month
5:30p 1st Mon of the month
Theater 13
8p First Monday of the Month
5:30p 4th Tues of the month
Belly Dancing Live Drumming Last Saturday of the Month
Belly Dancing Live Drumming
8p Last Sat of the Month
Jazz Jam First Tuesday of the Month
Jazz Jam
8p 1st Tues of the Month
Jan Seides 2nd Sunday Afternoon Songwriters
Jan Seides Songwriters Circle
3p 2nd Sun of the Month
World Gone Mad Rock and Roll Drum & Bugle Corps Every First and Third Sunday 3pm No Cover
World Gone Mad - Info
3pm 1st and 3rd Sun of the month
Suite Journey
5:30p 3rd Tues of the Month
Rigby Family Residency Third Tuesday of the Month
Rigby Family Residency
8p 3rd Tues of the Month
Kevin Taylor Residency
Kevin Taylor
5:30p 3rd Wed of the Month