Kick Butt Comedy - Austin TX

Comedy Open Mic Nights

The Kick Butt Comedy Open Mic
Wednesdays - 8 p.m.

Comedians show up no later than 7:30 p.m. to sign in. You usually get 5 minutes each unless you are the "feature." Sometimes there is music performances that ends at 8pm.

Pros: Kick Butt owner Thomas Gohring also operates Master Gohring's Tai Chi And Kung Fu—and as with tai chi, the key to comedy is redirecting resistance. Bob Khosravi explains, "The people aren't here to see comedy, generally. You're getting an opportunity to learn how to get an audience's attention immediately, and you don't get that most places." It also offers unusual freedom: "You get more time here than at any open mic in Austin. Everyone gets at least 10 minutes. You learn a lot about your voice having that much time."

Cons: Not every comic will enjoy competing with an espresso machine and Nintendo Wii.

Ideal for:
A baby step: "It's the shallow end of the pool,” says Funniest Person In Austin winner Bryson Turner. “You're not going to feel that cool, but you're also not going to drown."

Some of our favorites:

Joy Gohring / Darren Carter / Jimmie Roulette 512.454.KICK
Kick Butt Coffee, 5775 Airport Blvd. #725, Austin, TX 78752 Google Map