Specialty Drinks that Kick Butt

Beer, Wine and Delicious Coffee and Liquor Combination Drinks

Specialty Cocktails


Kick Butt Mocha Martini
Stoli Vanil, Chocolate Liquor, Kahlua
Ivan Drago
Stoli Vanil, Kahlua, and 1/2 & 1/2 over ice
Kick Butt Cosmo
Titos, Cointreu, splash of cranberry
White Chocolate Raspberitini
Titos, Godiva White, Chambourd
Antiox Anarchy
Antioxidant Smoothie with a shot of Titos


Raz "Mary" Mocha
Kick Butt Mocha with a shot of Raspberry Liquor
Caramel Mocha Kick
Kick Butt Mocha, Caramel, and Chocolate Liquor
Chai Matey
Capt. Morgan and Baileys in a Chai Latte
Kung Fu Coffee
Kick Butt Coffee with Irish Crème

Premium Beer

Brewhouse Brown- Caramel brown with a hint of chocolate, Brewhouse Brown melds four kinds of malt and American hops into a delicious dark ale. Rich and roasty, yet with a dry finish, it is the perfect companion for a hearty meal.
Full Moon Pale - Tawny red and full of malt and hops, Full Moon's unique flavor truly satisfies. The smooth sweetness of malted rye and barley is complemented by generous helpings of Willamette and Cascade hops, resulting in an assertive American amber ale.
Rio Blanco
Lone Star - The National Beer of Texas - As the only state in the union that was once its own nation... it's only right that Texas have a "national" beer that lone star beerstands for what we believe in.
Lone Star is proud to be brewed where it always has been... in the Great State of Texas!

Lone Star beer uses the finest hops from the Pacific Northwest with hearty grains from the Central and Northern Plains. Combine this with its heritage of being "Born and Brewed in Texas" and it's easy to understand the defining factors in Lone Star's Silver Medal win at the 2006 Great American Beer Festival.

The GABF recognized Lone Star as a high quality American Cream Lager by awarding it with a silver medal. Malted barley and corn extract combine to provide Lone Star with nature's finest ingredients for brewing. Lone Star's ingredients give this beer its full natural flavor. The choicest hops lend complexity and aroma to this beer, and its proprietary mashing regimen creates the perfect balance of alcohol, body, and character.

The National Beer of Texas contains 136 calories and 12 grams of pale ale photo with glass of cold pale alecarbohydrates per 12 oz. serving at 4.65% ABV. Lone Star beer corrals a lively carbonation level of 2.7 volumes of CO2 for a unique balance of refreshment and taste.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - Sierra Nevada's most popular beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, is a delightful interpretation of a classic style. It has a deep amber color and an exceptionally full-bodied, complex character. Generous quantities of premium Cascade hops give the Pale Ale its fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor.

“Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is the flagship beer, the one that made Chico famous. It is a flawless beer that opens with bright, perky high notes of maltiness and orange blossom and segues into a delectable hoppiness.”

– Elaine Louie, Premier Beer—A Guide to America's Best Bottled Microbrews

tsing tao photo with red backgroundTsingtao - The Tsingtao Brewery was founded in 1903 by German settlers in Qingdao, China.

Tsingtao Lager is brewed and bottled by the Tsingtao Brewery-the 10th largest brewery in the world.  Also, Tsingtao Lager is the 12th largest beer brand worldwide.

Introduced to the United States in 1972, Tsingtao soon became the top-selling Chinese beer in the U.S. market and has maintained this leadership position ever since.

The Tsingtao brand is sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and accounts for more than 50 percent of China's total beer exports. In fact, Tsingtao is the number-one branded consumer product exported from China.

darth vader and shiner bockShiner Bock - Shiner Bock has a tan dense medium head that leaves a nice quilt down the sides of the glass as the beer is drunk. Its body is clear with a copper/amber color. The aroma is very sweet, almost sugary, without the typical maltiness normally associated with this much sweetness. This it probably due to the corn used in the recipe. The taste is equally sweet without much depth and very little hops; certainly not enough to provide a good balance. It has a thin mouthfeel and is very effervescent so there's a slight sting on the tongue from the carbonation.

This sweetness, though is embraced by Shiner. Their website says of their bock that its taste is without the "excessive bitterness that characterizes many micro, specialty and imported beers." This may very well appeal to drinkers that want something more interesting than the light lager of the megabreweries but don't care for the bitterness of a lot of the craft beer out there. - Bryce Eddings

Blue Moon - Blue Moon™ Belgian White is a refreshing, medium-bodied, unfiltered Belgian-style wheat ale spiced with fresh coriander and orange peel for a uniquely complex taste and an uncommonly
smooth finish.

The name “Belgian White” is a reference to the cloudy white, opaque appearance of the beer. “Belgian White” also refers to the style of beer, which has been brewed in Belgium for about 300 years. This type of ale is brewed with malt, wheat and oats. It is unfiltered, which allows protein and yeast to remain suspended in the beer and creates the cloudy appearance. This also adds to the smoothness and full body of the beer.

A slice of orange is the perfect complement to Blue Moon Belgian White, bringing out the natural spices and subtle fruit flavor.

Red Wine

red wine pouring into glass red red wineMcPherson Cellars, Tre Colore' - Tre Colore – Rhone-Style Red – This is a blending of three French Rhone varietals grown in far West Texas.  The bold, intense berry character of Carignan, the rich, smoky violet aroma and plum flavor of Syrah and the tropical quality of Viognier are at the heart of this delicious, smooth Rhone-style red wine.  Fermentation and aging in stainless steel allows the wine to be made dry while preserving all of the wonderful, rich “grapiness” of the varietals.  A slight chill makes this a perfect red wine for “Texas heat”.

Finca El Portillo Malbec - Deep hues of ruby red gain intensity from shades of shimmering violet in this Malbec with good structure, medium acidity and a long finish. Rich with fruit, the nose is reminiscent of plums and blackberries. Tannins as soft as velvet set the stage for an enviably round finish.

Pietra Santa Zinfandel - Produced from fifty-year old vines on a neighboring vineyard as well as grapes from our own estate including a treasured block planted in 1905. After fermentation, the wine undergoes extended maceration prior to aging for more than 2 years in French and American oak barrels. This bold and earthy Zinfandel tastes of ripe cherries and plums with compliments of toasty oak. It is well balanced with a persistent finish of black pepper and sage.

Oak Grove - Oak Grove is a line of California Reserve wines, made with grapes grown in the Monterey, Arroyo Seco and Paso Robles appellations. Produced in a rich, fruit forward style, Oak Grove consistently over delivers on quality. Oak Grove Reserve Merlot is a versatile favorite. Rich, complex flavors of blackberries and plum with a touch of black pepper while supple tannins give way to a long, smooth finish.

Oak Grove Cabernet Sauvignon - Beautifully balanced, Oak Grove Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon yields zesty spice notes and rich, ripe flavors of dark cherry, plum and currants against a backdrop of mild tannins.

Compression Red - Great color and nose of cherry, dark fruits and subtle spice. The palate is much the same but with a bit more spice and earthy wood notes. Well integrated with a nice finish that lingers longer than you would expect for this wine.

White Wine

Becker Vineyards, Riesling - With hints of lime, this wine also has cantaloupe, mint, and honeydew melon.
Oak Grove Pinot Grigio - One of the more popular wines in Italy, the Oak Grove Reserve Pinot Grigio is the perfect wine for entertaining with family and friends. Its fl avors are light and lively
on the palate with lemony citrus notes, and has a refreshing, very clean finish.
Oak Grove Chardonnay - A consistent award-winner, Oak Grove Reserve Chardonnay shines with tropical fruit flavors, followed by a smooth, creamy finish. Notes of vanilla and toasty oak.


Tozai "Living Jewel" 300ml

Tasting Notes:
The aromas are quite complex, showing white grape, anise, and a hint of sweet rice. These same flavors come rushing through the medium-bodied palate, which has a slightly creamy texture followed by a hint of white pepper and fresh herbal notes. The long, clean finish makes this both a great sipping sake as well as a companion to a wide range of foods, from fish and shellfish, to pork and light meats.

Notable Facts:
Kizakura Brewery is located in Fushimi in the southern part of Kyoto, the oldest sake brewing area in Japan. The local "Fushi-Mizu" or crystal clear, underground "Fushimi Water", is well-known for bringing out the full flavor of sake. And Kyoto's especially frigid winters, called "So-ko-bi-e", are ideal for creating stable, cold temperatures inside the brewery. This helps to keep fermentation temperatures low and extend fermentation time so that delicate flavors and aromas remain in the sake.

About Living Jewel:
The image on the label is a "koi", or Japanese carp. Ornamental domesticated carp have been bred for their bright colors for centuries in Japan. The combination of their vibrant colors, patterns, and shimmering scales has earned them the moniker " living jewels" among koi collectors and enthusiasts.

About Tozai:
Tozai, literally translated from the Japanese as "East-West", is a collaboration of passion, skill, and experience by dedicated people from both Japan and the US. Vine Connections has partnered with Kizakura Brewery to produce the two latest Tozai sake, "Snow Maiden" and "Living Jewel". All Tozai sake are complimented by the beautiful artwork of prominent Kyoto -based American artist, Daniel Kelly. As America's leading improter of chilled, premium, artisanal Japanese sake, Vine Connections continues to bring you unique boutique sake that will thrill your senses. Kanpai!

Tozai "Snow Maiden" 720ml
This is fairly thick and chewy nigorizake (cloudy sake), but it is still surprisingly dry. The aromas are bright and fresh and they show a lovely ricey and fruity combination. In the mouth, this sake has solid weight and gives the same flavors of fresh fruit and creamy fresh rice that your nose told you about. The finish has a pleasant astringency and is nicely mellow, beckoning you for another mouthful. You will rarely taste a classier Nigori at this price, and this may be the ultimate food-friendly Nigori.

The image on the label is a koi, or Japanese carp. Ornamental domesticated carp have been bred for their bright colors for centuries in Japan. Perhaps the most famous koi is one named Hanako which reportedly lived for 226 years! Hanako translates to "Flower Maiden", but in homage to the long-lived Hanako which lived in the icy waters at the foot of Japan's Mt. Ontake, we have named this sake "Snow Maiden".

Sato no Homare "Pride of the Village" 300ml

An elegant, super-premium sake from a brewery with an 850-year history. The brewery is considered to be Japan's oldest surviving sake brewer. A pleasingly light and fruity nose, laced wth violets, strawberries, pear and grape. A refined and clear flavor, yet settled and deep. Semi-dry with a superbly clean finish.   

Rihaku "Dreamy Clouds" 300ml

Nigori sake is made so that some of the rice lees remain in the bottle after pressing. Most nigori is sweet and creamy, and thick with the unfermented rice solids. Rihaku Nigori is a bit less chunky, but more fruity and complex than most nigori sake. Slight prune tones, and a slight taste of nuts.

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